Hyderabad, 22nd September 2012: FOM Hyderabad gathered to show their solidarity and celebrate World CML Day 9/22 at Necklace Road, next to the iconic Hussein Sagar Lake. FOM members Pramod, Parveen, Usha, myself, Armaan, Kavitaji and Tandonji, Satish, Vicky & his father, Dr.Niranjini, and many other members? everyone assembled by 4pm.

Dr. Niranjini gave a small talk on cancer awareness and how all of us were blessed to be leading near normal lives in spite of CML. She said we are all committed to spread the word about cancer awareness and early detection.

On this occasion, a Motorcycle Rally was organized by Armaan and the Highway Nawabs Motorcycle Club, a local Hyderabadi riding and adventure club. It was one of a kind experience for all of us to watch the bikes roar and thump at the starting line.? All of us cheered as the thirty odd participants hit the road on their state-of-the-art Royal Enfield bikes, with pillion riders carrying the Cancer awareness Banners and Placards. The bikers rallied around the Necklace Road, Tank Bund and surrounding areas, stopping at various important spots and distributing cancer awareness brochures to the people.

Sailaja FOM Hyderabad