With Gratitude In My Heart

Sakhubai Gulabsingh Chauhan – Madhya Pradesh 2011



I am a 47 years old housewife from an agricultural background. I was leading a carefree, happy life with my family. All of a sudden on 18/08/2007,I had severe stomach ache and my family took me to our local family physician.As there was no respite even after a gap of two days, were referred to Dr Gupta in our nearby district. He in turn sent us to a specialist Dr Mahajan who after conducting a battery of tests diagnosed me as suffering from Blood Cancer. We were not prepared to accept it and so went to Apollo Hospital in Indore for a second opinion. The blood report of 28/09/2007 confirmed our worse fears.

I saw my world crumbling down and could see only darkness around me. But my family members were very supportive and my pillars of strength. They gathered information of Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. The thought of coming to Mumbai made me even more anxious as I was from a small village. We reached Mumbai on 9/10/2007 and my treatment began at Tata Memorial hospital. I got full co-operation from all the doctors concerned as well as from Max Foundation who ensure that I get my Glivec 400mg periodically. I am in total remission now and I owe it to Max Foundation,Novartis India Limited and all the doctors of Tata Memorial hospital and the staff. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all of them.




Translated from Hindi by Vidya Tahilramani