When intuition came to my help

Darayus Bhoja – Mumbai, October 2006

Everything was going on smoothly in my life. It was in the middle of March 2006 that I started getting a pain in my stomach, which at times was unbearable and worsened when I used to lean; for example in a sitting position while watching television or reading the newspaper. It was also present when I was attending  nature's call. The pain used to subside when I took long, deep breaths in an upright position. I consulted one of my family doctors who started treating me.

I had an intuition that something was drastically wrong with me. Hence I consulted another doctor who gave me medication for a few days, and since there was no improvement in my condition, he recommended a full check up; including sonography. The tests concluded that I was suffering from CML. Initially, I was shocked by the findings, and was depressed. Since I have a very loving son aged seven and a very supportive wife, I fought depression for their sake and made up my mind to fight the disease.

At this juncture, I would like to mention that my cousin was also diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ) when she was just five years old. Under Dr. S. H. Advani's treatment and with God's blessings she has been successful in her fight with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) and this year she has completed her graduation.

Dr. S. H. Advani recommended me to the Max Foundation and the donation programme of Novartis and now that I am taking medicines (Cap. Gleevec 400 mg) since the last four months, the results are encouraging and I am on my way to recovery. The pain still persists sometimes, but it is hardly 25 percent of what it was previously.

It was really a relief when I approached the 'The Max Foundation' and Novartis on my doctor's suggestion. They have been gracious and humane enough to give me the supply of tablets for 3 months and now again for another 3 months, I hope this help continues till I become normal. I really thank all the members and founder of this esteemed organization THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Now I hope to meet you all at Delhi.