What is MY PCR?

Do you know your PCR?

PCR stands for “polymerase chain reaction”. It is a diagnostic and monitoring tool used in CML to measure the response to treatment.  The ‘What is MY PCR?’ campaign is a community driven – global awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the need to regularly monitor treatment for CML, leading to the optimization of clinical outcomes. The campaign platform is being coordinated by The MAX Foundation to serve the global community of patient organizations. The campaign has been developed with the broader CML community in mind, in hopes that every group around the world will feel part of the initiative.

The campaign features FREE ‘What is MY PCR?’ buttons for patients and physicians, as well as FREE PCR FAQ booklets available through Friends of Max. Join as an individual and show your support by wearing your button on International CML Awareness Day on September 22, 2012!

Visit the ‘What is MY PCR?’ website i.e. www dot whatismypcr dot org to find out how you can get involved!