Wear Yellow



As all the Friends of Max from the four corners of this vast land gathered together to celebrate their lives in all its glory, their joy and spirits were testimony to the philosophy propounded by none other than Gandhi ji himself, whose birth anniversary also falls on October 2nd. “Suffering cheerfully endured, ceases to be suffering and is transmuted into an ineffable joy” is what he once said and Living Strong and with Joy and Hope in our lives each one of the 14,500 strong Friends of Max support group was proud to be part of LIVESTRONG DAY today. Here was a living legend who inspired and motivated them to face the challenge of cancer with cheer and strength!

Cancer knows no barriers, no cultures and no religion; its impact affects us all the same. This is why on October 2nd, when 1,200 cancer survivors , caregivers and volunteers came together in Hyderabad, India, the energy, friendship, love of life and passion, perfectly matched the values of LiveStrong day.

With the motto of ‘Together We Share and Learn’, members of the Friends of Max India Trust, the India patient support arm of The Max Foundation, spent the day sharing testimonials, learning about their disease, improving their advocacy skills, and encouraging each other. Members of Friends of Max are CML and GIST survivors, most of them in their 20s and 30s, some living with cancer for up to 10 years. Volunteers wore YELLOW  with pride, instantly joining the LiveStrong army.


Some came by train crossing the vast India countryside for up to 24 hours, some brought their families, and yet some, who lost a loved one to the un-relentless disease, came to be with the people who understand them and know them best. In a country where stigma is likely to affect everything from your job status to your marriage possibilities, the Friends of Max gatherings provide a setting where survivors are able to open up without fear of discrimination.