Virtual Patient Support Group Meeting – Kolkata, July 2020

As everybody knows due to the pandemic this year, we could not have our patient support group meeting. Thus, we had a virtual meeting on the 26th of July, 2020 at 4.00 p.m. Firstly, I would like to thank Amma, the Max team, Dr. Reena Nair and the doctor’s panel who made this happen in these trying times. In spite of their busy schedules our doctors kept themselves free to attend the virtual meeting. It was heart-warming and wonderful to meet everybody (virtually) after a long time. The meeting was fabulously organised and highly informative. We had a doctor-patient question answer session, something we look forward to every year. The effort and hard work behind organising such a meeting in these difficult times is highly appreciated. Only Amma could have such a brilliant idea to keep us connected when the entire world feels disconnected. Priyanka presented the new program MAS which was enlightening. It was amazing to have over 100 participants who came together to make this meeting a grand success. However, due to restrictions on the Zoom platform, participants could join on Facebook live as well where the virtual meeting was being broadcasted. Kolkata city chapter feels honoured and privileged to have been chosen as the first city to hold a virtual meeting. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for this brilliantly organised meeting. It was an outstanding and phenomenal experience, one which  we will always cherish.

Take care! Stay safe!

– Stuti Koner, Kolkata

You can view the meeting here –