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Vidya Tahilramani

A New Journey With A New Family

I vividly remember the date 15th January 2008. It was the day I stepped into the Max Foundation office in Worli  .It was the first time I met Viji, Ayeshah, Sharon, Ashok B and Ashok Z Luckily I also got to meet Beena too very soon as she came to Bombay for a conference. It is strange for when I look back, I do not feel as if I know them only from the recent ten months. I feel I have known them since ages. The moment I entered the office, I knew what I wanted to do. I asked Viji whether I could volunteer four days a week. Viji gladly accepted my offer and I started coming to Max Foundation from the next day itself.

It was a coincidence that during that time we also had a visit from Pat so very early on in my time with the Max India team I got to meet the warm hearted and dynamic founder of TMF also..
I had worked for Vijaya Bank for 26 years and when the offer of Voluntary Retirement came, I thought I will take it and relax and also do what my heart felt I should. I took retirement on 1-1-2001. The first two years went in just taking care of my personal work, house hunting, trying out my favourite recipes and so on. .I also spent some time volunteering at Dilkhush. But man proposes and God disposes. In June 2003 my husband who was so physically fit was all of a sudden diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was operated upon and even though we wished otherwise, it was confirmed as Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We went through the rigmarole of chemotherapy, radiation and all that goes along with the tough treatment protocol but unfortunately, he passed away on 28th March 2006.

There was a huge void in my life. My son, Anand knew Viji very well. He always told me to go and visit Viji and her team. He was full of praises for all of them. I wanted to visit them but somehow could not make it till January 2008. Once I did do that it was a new beginning and after that first meeting I started volunteering in the Max India office. And then sometime in May Viji asked me if I was willing to join as a Max Station. I agreed and I started working full time from 1st June 2008. The work I did at the Bank was in complete contrast of what I do now. But each one at Max foundation made me so comfortable from Day 1 itself. I am still in the process of learning one new skill from the Team each day, which all of them very painstakingly teach me. I also have something to learn from each and every person, who visits us at the office.

During this period I also started interacting with all the Friends of Max. Each and every one is special. I feel each day I spend at the Max Foundation is well spent. I love my work and also look forward to each new day at work. I am taking each day as it comes and looking forward to a long and fruitful journey with Max Foundation.

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