Tributes to Rajan

This is a very sad news. I still remember meeting him at the first All India Meet in Mumbai and the last entertainment piece where he and Shabbir Bhai danced. I even saw that video that was played in Hyd meet . May his soul rest in peace.

-SR, Chennai


I met Rajan Phanse for the first time at one of TMF’s meetings of the Bombay group in the run-up to the First All-India meet in early 2005. The meeting was arranged in the open air at the Horniman Circle Gardens opposite Bombay’s iconic Town Hall. Rajan arrived from Pune a little late for the meeting. Once he arrived he handed us all scrumptious Shrewsbury biscuits from the Pune Bakery renowned for this delectable confection .He smiled and winked a lot and before we were far into the meeting I realised that this was a guy I was going to like a great deal. It was easy breaking the ice with him; he was such an affable bloke!

I next met him at the Delhi meet in 2006, and it was during those days that we really got to be friends. I remember how at one point in the evening, when we were visiting Dilli Haat, he suddenly felt uneasy and I, though rather alarmed myself, tried to put him at ease. During my efforts to do so he realized that he was not as unwell as he thought he was and he seemed to see the humour of his own predicament and started laughing so much that the whole incident acquired a comical dimension ! Later that day he abruptly had to leave, and return to Pune.

Even when he was not doing too well and had to change from Imatinib to Nilotinib he seemed to take it in his stride, and never complained about how he felt , though I knew that he was going through a rough patch. Later, as we visited Pune for several meetings it became obvious that dear Rajan was not as well as we would have wished him to be, and I realized that there would have to be Pune meets in the future without the joy of his genial company.

One of the nicest things about him was his compassion for the other person. A couple of years ago another dear friend’s sister was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and as they were running from pillar to post in search of proper treatment in Pune I requested Rajan to help them . He went out of his way to assist them- total strangers to him – and he managed to get the patient the desired treatment. He was generous to a fault, and which of us from the core group can forget the many hours we delighted in his sanguine company whether at Sheesha for an evening of fellowship or at Koregaon Park for breakfast at the German Bakery or that other place where dosas were eaten in an old world ambience made doubly delicious by the simple magic of his generosity? Life for this gentleman was truly greater than livelihood.

Now that Life’s fitful fever which he confronted with such fortitude, has run its course and he has reached his journey’s end we pray that our dear friend be rewarded by his richly deserved rest at his port of tranquil repose . Needless to say we have been impoverished by his untimely demise and he will be sorely missed. Rajan, dear friend, RIP.

My sincere sympathy to his beloved mother, his dear sister and her family.

-JV, Mumbai


I too met Rajan in very first All India Meet in Mumbai and we met like we know each other for many many years. His warmth, his friendship, his gesture…cannot be put down in words … I pray to God to give strength to his mother and sister to bear this irreparable loss…Rajan RIP

-NK, Kolkata


I am very sorry to hear about Rajan’s demise.

He is every bit the compassionate and friendly person that all of you have mentioned him to be. I got to know him in our group here, when I talked about my depression in 2004. He was one of the first persons to reply to me and he even sent me 2 cassette tapes of inspirational talk by some well-known spiritual gurus. He used to post many such forwards in our group mails also, which would make us stop and take notice.

I met him during our Delhi All India meet, and as we sat next to each other, we talked about a lot of things and at that time I got to see the humorous side of him. We got along as if we knew each other from ages; such was his warmth and friendship. Once when I asked him what do you do? He said “I help others…” And I can vouch he is truly a “People’s person”- always looking out for others and helping them.

Later we continued to keep in touch via private e-mail. He used to like the way I used to reply to queries about CML on this group. He used to write to me his test results and we used to discuss in detail. He was pretty disturbed as he was not doing well on Glivec and had to shift to Tasigna. Somehow, over the years we lost touch as he stopped posting. I knew he was not doing well.

Rajan will be missed by all. He was one of the finest human beings I have ever known. My condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

-S, Hyderabad



Ohh… very sad news

I pray to God to give strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss…

May god bless his soul in peace…

-WJ, Mumbai



I agree with what Amma says & what Jude says about Rajan. I first met him in the Mumbai meet…he was always cheerful, friendly & approachable. The first meet was a real getting together of “like-minded CML patients” & he seemed to wear his CML tag pretty proudly.

In fact I was with Jude & Rajan, during the Delhi meet, when we visited Delhi Haat. And yes he wasn’t feeling too well. I presumed he’d get over it. However his conspicuous absence during the following All India meets, & on the India Gipap group, kept me thinking all wasn’t too well with him.

Nevertheless, in short, he was a great guy to hang around with. We’ll miss him…especially the Mumbai & Pune chapters..!

I’m sure he’ll RIP now..

Amma since you are close to so many of us…I’m sure this kind of news takes a toll on you..!

Take care!!

-RR, Bangalore


Yes, indeed Rajan Phanse was a source of inspiration to de ones who were newly diagnosed. I can never forget de special biscuits he would share whenever we met His smiling face will always be remembered. Heartiest condolences to his family .May he RIP

-SB, Delhi


It’s Very sad news,

I remember his smile, with which he greeted always, pray to almighty to give courage & strength to his family to bear this pain and May god rest his noble soul in peace.

-RS, Delhi