The World CML Day celebrations @Bangalore

The World CML Day in Bangalore


was held on the 21st of September, 2014 at the HCG Hospital. The event began with the doctors of HCG Hospital explaining everything about CML and Glivec. There were CML survivors who had been taking Glivec for more than ten years and some who had recently been diagnosed. It was such a humbling event where the survivors spoke about their experiences on how they felt when they were diagnosed, what difficulties they faced at work and how this whole thing had made them a totally different person.


I was amazed at the way how some people’s views about life are: there was a gentleman probably in his late 60s or early 70s and wanted to know if he could donate his organs for research purpose. Though it is not an easy situation with the diagnosis and medication, he is still thinking of giving back something to this society, which reminds me of a Sanskrit shloka I learnt as a child – “Paropakarartham idam shariram”, which means this body/life is given to serve others, like how a river gives water or a cow gives milk selflessly…..

Even a couple of really young survivors (in their early 20s) spoke with such great maturity, showing courage and dignity. I feel people really find a great ray of hope when VIJI is around with her smile and talking to them with that caring and encouraging words of hope…there is no hesitation in sharing their experiences when you know you are talking to someone who really cares for you. Viji is a great leader and the CML survivors too… I’ve started to feel that this is the most important role of being a part of Max…to spread the joy of happiness by listening patiently to others’ experiences and spend some time to cheer them up. I feel glad to be a part of this organization which is dedicated to this great cause.

This event has also been instrumental in bringing the Max members together, who live thousands of kilometers apart from one another. It was a great opportunity to meet Yogesh here with whom I’ve been communicating remotely for the last one year and working together in building different patient assistance programs. Thanks to Michael and Viji’s efforts in making this happen! It was nice to meet a teammate personally and spend some casual time snacking and chatting!



Aparna Bhatta – Web Developer , IT Global Team , The Max Foundation