The Possibility of Living Life Again

Dayanand Kannur – Kerala, October 2007

I am Dayanand; a native of Taliparamba, Kannur district in Kerala . First of all I want to express my sincere thanks to NOVARTIS, MAX FOUNDATION and to DR. JOSE. M. ESOW (Apollo Hospital, Chennai), who gave me back my life. Trust me; these are sincere words I use to convey my heartfelt emotions to the doctor and to NOVARTIS & MAX FOUNDATION.

My life as a patient began when I was diagnosed with 'AML' in 2003. It was diagnosed by the doctors from a hospital in Uttar Pradesh as I worked in there at that time. Due to the severe cold I went to consult the above mentioned doctors at the nearby hospital and my WBC count was diagnosed at about 2, 40,000. The doctors confirmed that I was a patient of 'AML'. At that time the total strength of my mind and body left me as I was mentally distraught. The doctors provided me with the mental support to return to my native place and gave me hope that it could be cured. But I didn't believe it when I started my journey back to my native place ( Kannur) with my family.

I went to search for the possibilities of living my life again. Thus I reached Apollo Hospital for further treatment. When the reports came, the doctor said that it was at a critical stage. After continuous investigation and born marrow tests it was analyzed that the WBC count was reduced to 140000. Then the doctor said that it was 'CML' and I was also affected with severe jaundice. However, he informed me about a Magic Medicine for 'CML' and that it could be taken only after my Jaundice was cured. But when I heard about the price of the Medicine, I realized that I would not be able to afford it.

Then a light came into my life in the name of NOVARTIS & MAX FOUNDATION and Dr. Jose. M. Easow. I heard about Novartis through the programme GIPAP and learnt they give the medicine through the MAX FOUNDATION free for those who cannot afford to buy the medicine. The name of the Medicine was “GLIVEC”. Consequently, the doctor approved the Medicine and MAX FOUNDATION approved my application. Three months later the medicine was given to me free of cost and after that I felt a change in my body. My blood test was normal and I repeated the Bone Marrow test. After one month when I took a check up on BCR and ABL it was 26.9% rate. The medicine worked slowly and the doctor verbally advised me to have a Bone Marrow Transplant. Once again I thought my life was going to end. After six months I again tested my BCR and ABL without any hope but found that everything seemed to have come to a normal stage. I repeated it every six months for 4 years. Now my BCR and ABL rate is .0044%. My life has returned and my family is back. All my ambitions and thoughts have re-emerged and I know that one day I will be
cured. I got this confidence from 'Glivec'.

If Novartis and Max Foundation had not been there I would not have been in this world. So I think this is the right opportunity as well as the best way to express my sincere gratitude, regards and thanks to them and also to MAX. I want my name to head the list of Friends of MAX and I want everyone to know that I am here only because of Novartis and MAX.