The Milestones in my Incredible Journey

N Adisri – Hyderabad, 2011

I am N. Adisri and I am purely vegetarian. Till 19 years of age I used to be away from coffee also. I never even ate pickles also. All eleven of my family members are purely vegetarian. I am the youngest among all of them and I was married on 13th March 1991. I was married at 19 years of age when I was studying in my first year of my degree course

My elder daughter was born in 1992. My husband’s job meant we had a difficult time to keep to regular hours and manage our time well. He takes up catering contracts. We didn’t have timely meals and we did not get enough sleep.

Four years later, my second daughter was born, in 1996. Then, I gave birth to a boy child in 1999. This boy expired due to various medical ailments. This caused me great agony. I did not take my food properly. I spent almost a year in that agony itself. I felt that I was weak but we were all too busy to find time to know more about why I was not feeling normal. These reasons and many other reasons also used to bother me a lot. I faced many difficulties because of lack of experience in this field. In April 2001, I took my daughter to a skin doctor and I went to a famous physician Doctor Rami Reddy. I explained my medical complaints such as body pains, cold and cough. Doctor checked me and asked me to go for X ray and Blood Test. WBC count in my blood test was found to be 82,000. So I got tested from different laboratories 2 to 3 times to get to a confirmation.

Ravi went to Vellore and has done many trials for marrow transplant. We all went there and incurred heavy expenses. My sisters’ son Dr Malladi Rama Krishna, a radiologist helped us a lot. Firstly, I thank him a lot for all he did to help me. He introduced us to many specialists and we went to see all of them including Dr M Srinivas.

On 2001, August 15th, I was confirmed of CML.

We returned home to Hyderabad and my nephew spoke to Dr Raghunadharao about my CML, that I am suffering from the disease, and have already spent a lot of time looking for treatment. He also informed that we have spent lot of money on buying medicines. Doctor Raghunadharao asked us to visit him at once. On the same day M. Rama Krishna has informed me to contact him I immediately contacted the doctor. He immediately forwarded my file according to the procedure for the programme to Novartis and Max Foundation. He is a great person because of whom I am living still today. If Dr M. Srinivas Sir didn’t inform us about Dr. Raghunadharo and the Max Foundation, I would not be getting free medicine in this way.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Rama Krishna, M. Srinivas and Dr. Raghunadharo

My sincere thanks also to Max Foundation and Novartis

These kind hearted people are saving lives of many families. Thank You.

My Milestones in this long journey

First visit to a doctor 2001 April 1st

First diagnosis 2001 August 14th 1st

Started on Glivec 2003 April