The Gift of Time: GIST Awareness Day

Awareness: to have a heightened sense. To cope with and ‘manage’ fear. To treasure special and happy memories as a source of strength. To keep going.

This year’s theme on GIST Awareness Day is The Gift of Time. And on this day as we join the Life Raft group ( let us take a moment to look back at how those of us who have been blessed with an extension of life are making sure that we make the most of those years that have truly been a gift of time.
The Gift of Time logo is an hourglass, with each grain of sand representing a moment in time; a precious memory that we all will celebrate.

The Gift of Time theme applies to everyone. Whether one is a newly-diagnosed, a long-term survivor, a caregiver, a doctor, a student and just about anyone – this is an opportunity to recognize how valuable time is.

To celebrate these moments, we join the Life Raft Group in asking everyone to think about the precious gifts of time they have been granted and have created by writing it on a paper “grain of sand” what those gifts are. It could be a celebratory moment like a new job, a promotion, finding your life partner, the birth of a grandchild, or a wedding, or simply something you experienced like the first rains or watching the sunset over the ocean.

We will celebrate ‘life’ in the midst of innumerable challenges. We will celebrate Living with Cancer, in dignity and with hope. GIST Awareness Day is on 9 July. Join us at The Max Foundation Office in Mumbai and share your most precious gift of time. These will be displayed on our Gift of Time Hourglass Display.