The first-ever FOM Meeting in Guwahati

Report by Rajiv Kumar (Friends of Max ) in Guwahati

rajiv-fom-inside-4It was 25th of September 2016 and it was the day for the FOM meeting on WORLD CML DAY in Hotel Shoolin Grand, Guwahati. It was special as it was the first-ever meet in the North-East.

Our meeting was a true measure of the power of our motto ‘together we learn and share’. That morning, I was delighted to see that in spite of facing so many difficulties, travelling miles by bus and train, people from distant places of Assam were present to attend the meeting, just on the basis of one phone call from the Mumbai Max office. It included many doctors, patients, caregivers, their families and also the Region Head of The Max Foundation Viji Venkatesh, well-known as Amma. Everybody was overjoyed to see Viji Madam in this Meet.

First the registration of patients was started. As the registration was going on, we all had breakfast together. As the programme kicked off, Viji Amma spoke to all the guests about The Max Foundation and the different activities and campaigns of Friends of Max. She was followed by Dr. Jina, Dr. Gogoi, Dr. Smita and Dr. Bhuyan who engaged in discussions ranging from compliance to the importance of PCR, regular follow up and management of side effects of CML and GIST. It was followed by a question -and-answer session in which patients could ask questions to the doctors about their problems and complications and the doctors guided them by giving them the best advice. After all this work, we all had lunch together. When the programme restarted after the lunch, some patients shared their stories of struggle & hope with all of us. We all were inspired by their stories. Some caregivers shared their stories.
I told them about the Chai For Cancer campaign and about how we raise funds for the needy.

It was time to see off all the guests. Promising each other about having one more meet sooner or later in the North-East, we bade each other goodbye. I acknowledge Viji Amma, Dr. Jina, Dr. Gogoi, Dr. Bhuyan, Dr. Smita, Wazir, Subash, Dhruva, Minakshi our core group in Guwahati, our core group volunteers of FOM in Assam. We are really thankful to all of these people for their wonderful contribution.

After all the work, when I was returning home, I thought that it was indeed the best day and the best meeting.