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From the ‘Oxford of the East’

{mosimage}– Destination Pune – FOM meet 0900 hrs: It was the 9th of May’ 09 that all of us were eagerly waiting for to come, a lot of talks had already begun, the place was booked and visits made, arrangements done to ensure every thing

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FOM Pune Meet – report 2

{mosimage}FRIENDS OF MAX PATIENT GROUP MEETING, SAhayadri  HOSPITAL, PUNE -19th July 2008 Volunteer Training Programme Module 1 Although I have attended several meetings of Friends of Max, this was the first time I was participating in a patient meeting that doubled up as a volunteer

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FOM Meet – Pune

{mosimage}FOM MEETING ON 19TH JULY 2008 HELD AT THE SAHAYADRI HOSPITAL. The Pune meeting of the Friends Of Max was held on 19-July-2008. Foremost of all, a big thanks and many words of appreciation to Max Pune volunteers, the Max Mumbai volunteers and the attendees

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Friends of Max – Pune Chapter – July 2007 Meet

Sep 5 2007 Reported by – Ashish Mahajan {mosimage} Some ten days ago, I got a call from Shashikant regarding the ‘Friends of Max' get together on Saturday the 28th . For a moment, beautiful moments of the Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad get togethers I