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Sudha Samineni


I am the recent addition to The Max Foundation family. Definitely would say the beginning has been great and am very positive that it would be the same later as well.  I came to know about TMF through an acquaintance of mine. Listening from her about TMF and after that meeting with Amma, who told me more about the organization I got a hunch that yes this might be the place or kind of work I am looking for and to contribute towards. My area of interest is associated with people and community and this was what got me here.

Coming from a social work background specialising in community work I always wanted to work in a place where there would be more interaction with people and working with them where everyone is treated equally. In short, a complete people participation and a bottom-up approach.

When I met Amma she had mentioned one thing to me which I remember – “Sudha! You would love the place and find like-minded people working as a family.”

No questions or doubts on the statement she made and also understood what she meant to say after joining TMF.  TMF has got a team which is young at heart, full of passion. One interesting thing which we can find here are people who have come from varies background and the one thing which has got all of them which includes me also is the desire and need of working together towards  a cause. Help people so that they can help themselves to bring a difference to their lives.

Glivec, Novartis, MAX, FOM these are the magical words here which brings out a smile on the faces of everyone who steps in and out.

There is a quote which says:
“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Author-Anonymous)
The above quote is a perfect fit for TMF and I am happy to be a part of this wonderful family.

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