“Stomp Out Cancer” – AHMEDABAD on 03.11.2012

Ahmedabad- City known for the rich history of its culture, it’s tradition and it’s food.

Welcome, Ayeshah!!!

It was a lovely morning; nice climate with a temperature of 17 degrees.

“Stomp Out Cancer”-Ahmedabad held on 03rd November’2012 , Saturday at NCC Ground, near Law Garden, Ahmedabad. This year’s theme of Global Cancer Awareness Campaign is “Stomp Out Cancer” and the FOM Ahmedabad had organized a charity walk with the NCC Cadets on cancer awareness in the heart of Ahmedabad, C.G.Road.

There were more than 300 NCC Cadets from around Ahmedabad, Mehsana & Gandhinagar along with their Officers. The whole event was handled by Shri Ushakantbhai Shah & the volunteers of their trust “Karuna Kare Foundation”.

At 8.30 am, in spite of his busy schedule, Dr. Chiragbhai Desai, who is one of the most leading, dynamic Oncologist & hematologist of Ahmedabad, very graciously took time off for us and Flag-Off the Parade. The awareness posters & banners had been circulated by volunteers of “Karuna Kare Foundation”.

All the NCC cadets were excited about the parade. The parade started from the NCC ground to the Law Garden, Mithakhali Six Roads, Navrangpura Bus Stop, Swastik Cross Roads, C G Road, Panchvati Cross Roads and back to NCC Ground. It took about 1 ½ hours. All cadets participated very happily. The NCC Cadets were giving slogans to the peoples passing from road like “Cancer Bhagao, Jeevan Bachao”, “Tamaku chodo, Cancer thi Bacho”, “Tamaku Bhagao, Desh Bachao”, “Tobacco is injurious to health”. They also gave pamphlets which were printed in Gujarati as well as English. All volunteers, FOM members and Ayeshah explained to the people the importance of cancer awareness and its treatment. Ayeshah also visited some small Pan Shops & gave them suggestions to quit tobacco.

After coming back to the NCC Ground, we all enjoyed a breakfast consisting of bread and butter, samosa and tea in the beautiful background of NCC Parade ground. Thereafter, in the meeting hall, Lt. Shri A K Sharma Sir addressed the cadets and told them about our team. Thereafter, Ayeshah gave a speech, with her special charm; she explained the “Stomp Out Cancer” campaign and the work done by The Max Foundation & FOM. Ayeshah also did the honor of introducing the core members. With her magic words, she set a lighter tone to the proceedings and ensured that everyone had a smile on their faces. She talked about the importance of awareness of cancer in her soft voice. And then she invites Shri Ushakantbhai Shah, FoM Core Group Volunteers of Ahmedabad Chapter, and also founder Trustee of “Karuna Kare Foundation”, on stage to share his experiences with the others.

Shri Ushakantbhai Shah gave some useful suggestions to all cadets and shared his experiences. He also advised everyone to enjoy every moment of life. He also said never to lose faith in oneself and God.

And then Shri Jagmohanbhai, 80 years old, young and dynamic person, shared his experience and told everyone how to prevent cancer and advised us about our eating habits. And then I, Ajay Gandhi, shared my experience and tell us how we benefited from support of our family and especially our life partners.

Everyone wishes that this type of session must be organized more frequently so that we could all meet more frequently and derive strength from each other and spread awareness of cancer.

Ayeshah met all the cadets and talked warmly to everyone. She took a group photograph with all of us.

In my view, “Never lose will power & confidence in yourself”. It is the best medicine in all diseases. It cures 50 % of your diseases. This programme was a success in all respects. We could see the hope rising again in our lives. This enthusiasm and will power shall surely overcome the pain and fear of cancer.

And finally be ready for FOM Ahmedabad meeting held on 22nd December 2012 at Cama Hall, Civil Hospital. It was decided that a list of patients will be given to the team leaders to call the patients for the meeting by FOM, Ahmedabad.

We all are very thankful to TMF for giving us a healthy life style.


Ajay Gandhi
FOM Ahmedabad