Respected Amma,

At first, I am tendering my thanks to Max Foundation for arranging such a valuable as well as nice seminar at Kolkata. I am proud to take part in the CML patient congress from where we can lean many things, at the same time we can inter-exchange our knowledge about the disease. This is the first time , myself and my relative got the scope to attend the seminar.

We got two magazine which are very very valuable to us. Out of which one book is unparallel to its contents. Gives the inspiration to alive. Shows the light on the way of life. At first I thought that I am alone but after attending the seminar , I came to know that I am not alone, Friends of Max are with me. In all respect there I gathered an unbelievable experience in my life.

I am greatful to Max Foundation for giving me ‘GLIVEC’ medicines , a live saving drug as well as to arrange such a seminar in Kolkata with perfect management.

Thank you Max, thank you Novartis Company and GIPAP who has extended their co-operational hands to increase the span of lives of leukemia patients of the country. Now we can take the smell of flower, and can enjoy the world like before.

Regards, Dipankar Mitra