Philip Fernandes

I have worked for The Max Foundation for the last 13 years. Since I joined Max, and over the years as part of the Max family, one very precious thing that I found in this very big family is LOVE and CARE. I feel that an individual does not have to be a perfect person, but what is the most important is their desire of wanting to work together and grow with the Team— to be efficient, to reach out towards visitors who come to our office with love and affection. And so I help and serve the visitors tea, coffee, juice etc.

I also enter the visitors’ names and phone numbers in our register and check their phone numbers as well as their address too. If their phone numbers are out of service, a new number is given which I enter in the system and delete the old number. I strive to keep the office atmosphere energetic in whichever way I can.

It is my top priority to inject a positive attitude in every visitor who comes to our office with a hope to recover. I believe that apart from providing the best access to treatment, it is our generous and caring attitude that will motivate the patient to live with dignity and hope to keep fighting against cancer.