Sujeesh & Bindu

Sujeesh & Bindu Pottekkat

Our Patient Advocates for the month of November 2020 are FOM Trustee Sujeesh and Bindu Pottekkat.

Sujeesh and Bindu grew up in Mumbai. Sujeesh completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from WIT Solapur and went on to pursue his MBA from ITM Kharghar. Bindu on the other hand completed her Masters in Biochemistry from University of Mumbai and then went on to get her MBA degree, also from ITM Kharghar.

As a trustee and one of the most active members of Friends of Max, Sujeesh has been part of crucial decision-making meetings over the years giving Friends of Max amazing exposure and a name in the world of CML and GIST advocacy. Together, Sujeesh and Bindu are like a vital organ for FOM. They were one of the earliest volunteers at the FOM Mumbai Chapter. They were responsible for designing the creative and patient communication materials as well as event management for several FOM annual meets and Leadership Summits. 

Their presence is felt in many Chai for Cancer Addas and Support Group Meetings held in Mumbai. They have also been a part of every Leadership Summit that has been held so far. 

Remembering the First FOM Annual Patients Meeting at NSE Goregaon in 2005, they recall, “It was very memorable. It was a new experience for all of us and we put together a grand show without any glitches. The packing of kit bags, the meditation session, and the dancing celebrations of patients at that meeting are permanently etched in our memory.”

Talent runs in the family. The couple have two children—Rohan, who is pursuing bio-medical engineering—and Priyanka, who is an Under-17 football player and has represented India in many national and international football tournaments. Sujeesh and Bindu have a humble message for FOM patients and caregivers, “Each one of you is a gem, incomparable. Accept this condition as a blessing and shower the world with your unique expression of love and positivity. The condition is not permanent. One day, sooner than we think, it will be wiped away.”