Satadipa Sarkar

On the occasion of Family Caregivers Month, FOM is proud to feature Satadipa Sarkar as our Patient Advocate for the month of November 2023.

Every November, people worldwide unite to honour and commemorate family caregivers- individuals who have voluntarily given their time and effort to provide their loved ones with the greatest care possible. Come join us as we celebrate Satadipa Sarkar, FOM City Chapter Leader from Kolkata, who is the epitome of a strong, caring carer who has been a constant support to her husband, Arindam Das, a CML patient since 2004.

Superheroes often serve as role models and for Satadipa, it is her father. He has taught her to fight back.

Satadipa’s upbringing in a loving joint family in Berhampore, Murshidabad, a small town near Kolkata has greatly influenced who she is today. She attended a convent school before enrolling at Calcutta University to study English literature. She continued her studies in fashion design at the esteemed Bhawanipur Design Institute, affiliated with the National Institute of Fashion design (NIFT), after receiving her degree.

After getting married to Arindam in 2012, Satadipa learned about FOM. Since then she has transformed into a passionate City Chapter Leader who has been actively involved in all the patient-centric activities in Kolkata, As a FOM leader, Satadipa can always be relied upon, whether it is to participate as a panelist in patient centered discussions, help organise Patient Support Group Meetings, be actively involved in a Chai for Cancer Adda or contribute her artwork to Colors of Hope, FOM’s fundraising art exhibition recently held in June 2023 in Mumbai to raise funds for CML patients. She is never far behind. She is always forthcoming, and in fact, according to her, she has this constant urge to do more; she wants to provide her utmost support and guidance to as many CML patients as possible across the country.

For Satadipa Amma (Viji Venkatesh) has always been like a second mother to her, whom she relies on for personal guidance. Not to mention the Kolkata City Chapter Leaders- Neel da, Poonam di, Anshu di, Naveen bhaiya, Subir da, Stuti di-who she regards as more than just family; she can never forget how they were her pillars of strength during Arindam’s dengue and COVID crises in 2017 and 2021 respectively. “I will always remain grateful to them forever, my entire life!”, says she.

In her spare time, Satadipa is also involved with a nonprofit organisation, Citizens for Social Justice. Together with the panel of practicing attorneys, they advise and guide common people on the path to justice. They also conduct various campaigns for social causes including women empowerment, fair price water, road safety and many more.

Today she is grateful to be blessed and surrounded by the love of her two beautiful families, one her own baba, mother and her younger sister, uncle, aunts and awesome cousins, and the other that of her in-laws, husband and her two-and-a-half-year-old son Duggu!

Her advice to CML patients is:

“Smile is the best capsule you must take in order to fight back and defeat any situation or crisis. CML is not dangerous if you are regular with your medicines and tests, guided by your respective doctors. So spread the smile, cheer up, and gear up your life!”