Sajeevan Parambath

Sajeevan Parambath is the FOM Volunteer of the Month (January 2019)

Humility. Modesty. These are qualities that come to mind when you think of Sajeevan.

Studiously devoted to his role as a FOM Volunteer for nearly a decade. Never seeking the limelight. Everytime a FOM Meeting is held in Calicut, Sajeevan is the quiet, almost deferential, moving force behind it; twice, Sajeevan has orgnanised Chai for Cancer fundraiser and advocacy addas in his home-town Calicut.

He is also the Secretary of Pratheeksha Organization for cancer patients, Kerala, patronised by Dr. N. K. Warrior and volunteers for a Palliative Centre in Calicut. With his auto and an Omni, he ferries about 16 children to school daily. He spends his spare time at MVR Hospital counselling patients. As the President of a local resident’s association, he is involved in community services.

A quiet soldier for Friends of Max who has made light of his CML diagnosis for over a decade and has an air of dignity and selflessness about him. He has rallied other FOM members and reaches out to all CML patients.