Ravi and Monika Ahuja

“Inspiring other patients and caregivers in their cancer journeys.”

They were both born and raised in Delhi. Between them, Monika is a very out-going and fun-loving person, who enjoys dancing and participating in sports, while Ravi can be a little shy when meeting new acquaintances, however in his own words “Once I connect, the relationship usually lasts a lifetime.” He is a sports enthusiast, and his team has won the volleyball zonal (Delhi west) championships many times. He has pleasant memories of cycling, a passion which he enjoys till today. 

They are both professionals, with Monika having a marketing MBA and Ravi holding an Electronics BTech degree from Pune University in Maharashtra.

It was in 2003, while attending an office seminar at the India Habitat Center in Delhi, that Ravi struck up a conversation with a few FOM volunteers who were also attending their regional meeting at the same venue. He liked the program and requested if he could be included as a volunteer for the cause, and as they say, there has been no looking back since then for him.

During one of the FOM sessions organised at Lodhi Gardens in late 2003 or early 2004, just before he got engaged, he introduced Monika to the group.

As a couple, they both enjoy their time spent with FOM as Delhi City Chapter Leaders. Volunteering with FOM, provides an opportunity to them to inspire other patients and caregivers. “It brought us great joy to have hosted a Chai for Cancer Adda at our home”, recalls Ravi.

Today, even twenty years later, they continue to actively be engaged in all FOM activities, they are always forthcoming and helpful, whether it is to assist with the Chai for Cancer Adda or attending Patient Support Group Meetings, we can rely on them.

Ravi recalls a time when they had been volunteering for close to twenty years, and in 2018 Monika battled AML. However, the very next year she was standing next to him volunteering for the Chai for Cancer Adda held at RGCI, the same hospital where she had been treated a year before.

It is a pleasure to see Ravi and Monika explore every facet of their life with so much zeal and enthusiasm. Since 2016, Monika has been involved with Usha Kiran, an NGO that supports children from weaker sections of the society. She also volunteers for Aarambh, an NGO that supports society in a variety of ways (organising youth (girl) weddings, healthcare facilities and old age homes).

It was a proud moment for us all when in 2022 Monika won the First Runner Up title for the Miss India Cancer Warrior.

Ravi and Monika reside in Delhi, with their parents and have one sweet daughter. Together they believe that life is unpredictable, and one should make the most of each day.

Their advice to CML patients is: 

“Take your medicine on time as directed. Never stop living your life. Trust your doctors and despite all the odds, have faith in yourself.”