Ramnath Agrawal 

In patient advocacy, few figures shine as brightly as senior patient leaders. Their wisdom, experience and unwavering commitment to improving healthcare support to fellow patients and families, have made them beacons of inspiration.

Never stop believing in miracles!

Our Patient Advocate for the month Ramnath Agrawal, FOM’s City Chapter Leader, Madhya Pradesh, is one such luminary. At the core of Ramnath Agrawal’s leadership is a deep-seated belief in the power of community. Today at 83 years old, he continues to hold his young band of City Chapter Leaders together, to inspire and to lead by example.

He has served as a pillar of strength and a source of comfort for many patients living with CML and their families, offering guidance, support and hope in the face of their life-altering diagnosis. As an active member of the robust Madhya Pradesh Chapter, he remains dedicated to linking patients and caregivers with FOM-led resources and information, aimed at enhancing their quality of life. 

His journey has been shaped by a lifetime of experiences, which haven’t always been easy. However, what inspires him every day are the “Magical seeds of infinite blessings” sown deep within his consciousness by his mother. These seeds, according to him, have taken root and flourished in various aspects of his life. He says, “With practically no effort, I am able to access the field of blessings towards people, things & my own inner states, merging with a field of blessings, for which I am truly grateful and blessed.”

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Born in Agra Ramnath Agrawal completed his intermediate from Scindia School Gwalior in 1959 and went on to do Mechanical Engineering from SGSITS Indore in 1963. He then joined his family’s construction business.

He was diagnosed with CML in 2003. Naturally the diagnosis was devastating for both him and his family. However,  firmly guided by his belief in the principle that nothing is surmountable, he along with the loving care and support of his family, took it heads on. 

“The miracle of my life occurred when my local oncologist, Dr Anil Sanghvi, asked me why I wasn’t taking Glivec from The Max Foundation and provided me with their contact details. My daughter, Kavita Pilani, visited the Max office in Mumbai, met Viji Venkatesh maam, who guided her. I egan receiving Glivec from The Max Foundation which was the turning point in my life. I have learned to live with CML and truly understand the essence of life- ‘together we can’. During a Friends of Max meeting in Indore, I became a member and now I am a life member, further enriching my journey,” shares Ramnath Agrawal fondly. 

Ramnath Agrawal has been and continues to be an active and an integral part of all FOM programs held in Madhya Pradesh. Some memorable events include the two-days Leadership Summit held in Hyderabad in 2014 and the many Chai for Cancer Addas which he has organised and participated in.

Encouraged by his friend from his Jaccee days, Padmsri Late Sri Nana Chudashama, joined Giants International and continues to be with them as an International Advisor. Additionally he is also involved with Ahilyamata Gaushala Jeevdaya Mandal, Seva Bharti and Friends of Tribal Society.

Unfortunately his mother passed away early but today supported by his loving wife, Urmila, daughters, Sangeeta Jain, Kavita Pilani and Nidhi Aggarwal, and his mother’s powerful life lessons of discovering purpose, contributing positively to society and realising that even our most profound losses are survivable, continue to serve as his guiding principles. 

His advice for CML patients:

Never stop believing in miracles!