Mujeeb V K & Sharafudheen K

Mujeeb V K and Sharafudheen K, from Calicut, are our Patient Advocates of the Month for December’19

We are all very similar people knitted together by the same path we have chosen. Many of us , especially because of those bonds ,  are happy working tirelessly behind the curtains and two such amongst us are our City Chapter Leaders from Kerala, Mujeeb and Sharafudheen. Inspiring leaders and pillars of many activities in Kerala both are our ‘Go-to’ persons for any Support Group Meetings, Leadership Summits or Chai for Cancer Addas in the region. It is their positive and infectious energy that results in the successful meetings of the region, including the latest one organised in Calicut last month.

Mujeeb was born and raised in Wayanad and Sharafudheen in Calicut. Both are like two peas in a pod. Not only are they both hardworking and disciplined entrepreneurs  both also love devoting their time to Friends of Max and are passionate about their work with ‘Pratheeksha’- an NGO in Calicut that also works in Cancer care. Both of them credit their family with being there for them always and their wives and daughters are the anchors in their lives. Mujeeb is a melodious singer and hardly any meeting ends without listeners getting lost in the world of his music. Sharafudheen on the other hand is the quiet one and loves getting immersed in a good book in his free time.

The stigma attached to Cancer will begin to go away only when we talk about it – both our patient advocates understand this and hence have never backed away from sharing their testimonials on any public platform. They believe this not only helps in making other patients comfortable but is also an important lesson to themselves in working towards leading a happy life by learning and sharing.

True Friends of Max indeed …