City Chapter Leaders

Our Patient Advocate for the Month of April is special – or should we say “are” special because there’s more than just one – and not two or four or even five, but a whole lot of them. 

This one goes out to our Friends of Max City Chapter Leaders from various regions – for coming together in an exemplary manner to support each other amidst the COVID-19 situation. Friends of Max and The Max Foundation team are proud and extremely grateful to these patient leaders for the help they have provided to so many of their CML and GIST brethren by going out of their way and overcoming the challenges faced by the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown. These last few weeks, when the entire country has been under the most stringent of lockdowns, our City Chapter Leaders have been in constant touch with The Max Foundation team and with each other. They have been the encouraging and informing voices on the group and communicated on so many important issues with the patients on their respective WhatsApp groups. 

Actively engaged with each other, they have spent time and effort to discuss and resolve issues faced by patients during this difficult time when seemingly simple procedures have been hit by roadblocks caused by the scare of the virus and the lockdown. These leaders have addressed innumerable queries regarding the now complicated process of supply collection. By being in close touch with Amma and the Max team, they have made sure their interactions with other patients have resulted in positive outcomes. Besides WhatsApp groups, they have been easy to reach out through phone-calls and on group emails. In this manner, they have guided their friends and others through various situations connected to the supply of their life-saving medication. It has been heartening to see the wise use of technology by the group. In more than one city or state, the Friends of Max City Chapter Leaders have volunteered to collect supply on behalf of those who haven’t been able to travel due to the restrictions of the lockdown. They have freely shared experiences with the group – both positive and negative, so that others can learn from those. These leaders have certainly stepped up during this crisis and made themselves available for any help that was required.

The Friends of Max Trustees and The Max Foundation team in India would like to acknowledge the overwhelming support offered to one another and the patients in their respective regions by our City Chapter Leaders in these challenging times.

This is true advocacy!