Chai for Cancer Hosts

Our Patient Advocate for the month of May is a group of enthusiastic individuals who have helped support Chai for Cancer with their positive energies and hospitality.

Our “Drink to A Cause” Chai for Cancer campaign is an awareness-creating and voluntary fundraising campaign directed at supporting patients who are coping with the two rare life-long cancers – CML & GIST. Begun in 2014 by Viji Venkatesh, it is a tool to raise funds to help patients cover costs incurred by them for accessing treatment. The Chai for Cancer campaigns, best when conducted in an informal atmosphere called Addas, have been held all over India as well as USA (since 2015) and Singapore (since 2018). However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Chai for Cancer Addas will be hosted virtually this year.

Since the inception of Chai for Cancer in 2014, we have witnessed around 215 Addas held across the country and globally, with more than 1.3Lakh cups raised to our cause. This would not have been possible without the sincere efforts of our Adda Hosts who espoused our cause and regularly hosted Addas in their homes for their friends and loved ones. We want to acknowledge the efforts taken by J P Tiwari, Suresh Pawar, Abhishek and Amruta Patidar, Pramod George, Rashmi Sachade, Kartikeyan, Pranay Ranjan, Sanjeev Jha and Rajeev Kumar for hosting multiple Chai for Cancer Addas over the years. Their hard work and diligent efforts towards our cause has garnered tremendous support towards the goal of Chai for Cancer and helped a number of cancer patients in need, through the contributions received from their Addas. We are grateful to have these wonderful hosts as a part of Friends of Max along with the positive energy, love and hope they bring to Chai for Cancer and Friends of Max.