Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan Vashisht (FOM’s Volunteer of the Month February 2019)has the air of a person who knows his way around. A reassuring aura of equanimity surrounds his actions. He is a man who has been through a lot in his personal life and has come through with grace.

A GIST case since 2004, he is based in Delhi and helped set up the FOM City Chapter (Delhi) and is a regular and steadfast supporter of Chai For Cancer events in Delhi. He works well as part of the Delhi team. Apart from his advocacy responsibilities he is a key member of Friends of Max, regularly keeping in touch with patients and using his experience from a Railway Cargo business to help any patients with railway-related enquiries.

His enthusiasm for gardening has grown into a passion. He has an extensive Bonsai collection and is also a member of Indian Bonsai Association.

Fifteen years ago he came to know about his disease. His immediate concerns were naturally for his young family but the crisis brought out reserves of energy and bravery he did not know he possessed. He has learnt to cope and look beyond his own condition. He found out that there were many ready to help with advice and guidance. Eventually these well-meaning friends led him to The Max Foundation. He is especially grateful to Dr Suresh Advani and Viji Venkatesh of The Max Foundation for helping him on the road to recovery.

The poet in him surfaces as he tries to encourage fellow-patients
Don’t fear the CML/GIST,
Life becomes Better,
When “GLIVEC” twists,
To the CML/GIST,
MAX punches with Fist.
Long Live MAX . . . .

Bharat Bhushan (extreme left) Volunteer of the Month (Feb 2019)
Bharat is an avid gardener working devotedly on his bonsai collection