Anil Nagpal

We’d love to introduce to you our first Patient Advocate of the year 2020 – Mr. Anil Nagpal. Hailing from Delhi, Anil ji has completed his B.E. from Karnataka University. He is a son, a husband and a doting father of two children – a daughter and a son.

Anil ji is one of the Trustees and founding members of Friends of Max as well as one of the most inspiring leaders of the Delhi City Chapter Core Group. It is Anil ji who maintains close contact with the group and has played a significant role in establishing an effective system of reaching out to all the members of FOM scattered all over the country that has changed the way our organization contact patients. 

He proposed the idea of sending “bulk SMS texts” in order to communicate effectively with patients and caregivers, sharing updates and information. This has been successfully incorporated and applied in many ways; one of these being inviting and alerting the group to our periodic Patient Support Group Meetings. In addition to this, Anil ji plans events and meetings with members at regular intervals and continues to greatly support the City Chapter, through his contributions. Anil ji is also a great resource for both FOM and the Max Foundation team who know they can guide to him any one in need of counselling or support, locally.

When asked about his experience regarding the volunteer work he does for FOM patients, Anil ji said that it gives him immense satisfaction to meet and share his story with newly diagnosed patients. 

Apart from FOM, he indulges in supporting various other social causes such as distributing clothes in orphanages and volunteering at a school for the visually impaired.

Anil ji encourages patients and caregivers in his simple yet powerful words – 

“Always Be Positive and Compassionate,” he says.