Patient Support Group Meeting at Guwahati 22 Sept

Report by FOM Volunteer Champa Kumari

The translocation of chromosome 9 & 22 causes CML hence September 22nd is celebrated as ‘World CML Day’. Guwahati Medical College and Hospital was the venue for this occasion. The meeting area was decorated beautifully with flowers and balloons.

Program commenced at 10:30 A.M in the presence of Hon. Chairman and Vice Chairman of Guwahati Medical College. They were welcomed with flowers and ‘Fulam Gamusa’- a traditional Assamese item of clothing and way of welcoming guests. Hon. Chairman and respected doctors motivated patients with their talks. Post the welcome ceremony, all the participants entered the venue with balloons and colourful umbrellas.

CML Day function was inaugurated with Lamp lighting ceremony and traditional song. Guest Bhorali was invited on stage to share her thoughts on CML Day. She gave a very warm welcome and commended the patients and also sang a beautiful song. Physicians present answered all the doubts and cleared misconceptions regarding this disease.

Mrs. Priyanka of The Max Foundation also gave suggestions on compliance and boosted morale of the patients. All the patients vowed to follow the prescribed dosage and get tests done at regular intervals. There was also Chai For Cancer fundraiser arranged by Friends of Max volunteers

Patients also got a chance to share their stories and contributions of doctors in their life. Program was followed by lunch and concluded with the National Anthem.