Patient Group Meeting on World CML Day @ Puducherry 22 Sept

Report by FOM Volunteer Archana Shakti

The Max Foundation along with Friends of Max held their patient support group meeting at JIPMER, Puducherry on the occasion of World CML Day 22/09/2018. It was yet another successful event meticulously organised and executed to perfection.

The registration started at 8.30 am. Eager patients and caregivers started the day with the registration process. They were handed over literature FOM newsletters, FAQs, PCR badges.

Dr Badhe (Medical Superintendent), Dr Swaminathan (Dean), Dr. Biswajit(HOD), Dr. Prasanth, Dr. Smita graciously presided over the meeting along with our beloved Viji amma. Viji Venkatesh addressed the gathering delivering them the insight about Max Foundation. Dr. Biswajit addressed the gathering explaining in detail about CML causes, symptoms and the treatment options.

Dr. Badhe and Dr. Swaminathan also shared their insight and the role JIPMER plays in awareness and patient support.
At 11 am we had a break for tea with hot samosas and resumed with the interactive quiz. There were few simple questions about CML which the patients and caregivers answered enthusiastically. Gifts were also awarded for all the right answers. Meanwhile patients had also submitted their doubts about the disease and few lifestyle issues since living with CML. These questions were sorted by the FOM volunteers and an expert team of doctors Dr Prasanth and Dr. Smitha were more than happy to answer all the doubts raised.

There was a lot of positivity among the patients on getting their doubs clarified. The stage was then taken over by the FOM team to unleash their magic therapy. They enacted a drama script written by Viji Amma. There was so much joy and laughter not to forget the emphasis on following compliance was insisted in every frame by the actors. We could see so many happy faces at the end of the performance.

This was followed by patient’s testimonials. Once again FOM volunteers shared their experiences. There were also few sharings about the lifestyle choices made since living with CML and how the society looks at these heroes.

Also Viji Venkatesh explained about the chai for cancer campaign and fundraising. There were many kind souls who donated to the cause. The meeting ended on a high note, Viji Venkatesh presented the vote of thanks. The happiness continued with a sumptuous lunch. The patients and caregivers departed with the contentment of exploring the new normal as Amma calls it and the indulgence to lead a happy life.