Non Compliance – Presentation by Milan Hakani & Shashikant Jakhade

The Max Foundation and Friends of Max organized a Virtual Patient Support Group for CML & GIST patients in Maharashtra on 21st May. At this meeting, FOM Pune City Chapter Leaders – Milan Hakani and Shashikant Jakhade delivered an in-depth presentation on “Reasons for Non-Compliance” amongst patients. For this presentation, the duo decided to base their presentations by studying a sample of patients and caregivers they have met previously in other meetings and elsewhere.

Compliance has been one of the most important workshops at the patient support group meetings in the past. It is a topic that has been emphasized upon by The Max Foundation at every meeting. After the City Chapter Leaders delivered their well-received presentation, we asked them what their process was in creating it. Here’s what Milan Hakani had to say –

To analyse the Non-Compliance of medicine we decided to study a small sample of people. While selecting the sample we realised that more or less the reasons of non -compliance were pretty much similar, just their situations differed. Hence, by selecting this sample we tried to cover all the major strata of society. Sample was selected considering the age, financial status, type of employment and proximity to the place where medicine is available.