New Horizons GIST meet 2020

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the first ever virtual New Horizon GIST meet held
for three days in the month of September 2020. Patient advocates and patient group
leaders from around the world came together virtually. There were 60 participants from 20
countries with 10 speakers. Leading GIST experts provided insights into GIST basics,
diagnosis, treatment, research as well as latest developments. The three day zoom meet
was insightful and informative.
First Day- 10 th September:
Dr. Hans Gelderblom (NL)
He spoke about:

  1. History of GIST
  2. Imaging and lab values
  3. Treatment options with various TKI’s
  4. C Kit gene mutations
    Dr. David Josephy (Canada)
    He is a scientist with experience in Cancer research.
    He spoke about:
  5. The molecular biology of GIST.
  6. DNA Sequencing of genes (mutation).
  7. Protein structure: Exons
  8. Diversity of mutation in GISTs
  9. GIST sub-types and their treatment
  10. New drugs: Avapritinib and Ripretinib.
    Dr. Peter Reichardt (Germany)
    He spoke about:
  11. Surgery of primary tumors at multiple sites.
  12. Adjuvant and Neo-adjuvant therapy.
  13. Influence of mutational analysis on treatment.
    Second Day- 11 th September-
    Dr. Albiruni Razak (Canada)
    He spoke about the metastatic or the advanced disease:
  14. GIST tumor biology.
  15. Response to treatment with Imatinib.
  16. Imatinib toxicities and dose management.
  17. GIST evaluation with FDG PET.
    Dr. Breelyn Wilky (USA)
    She spoke about managing progression of metastatic GIST:
  18. Biology of progression- KIT resistant mutation.
  19. Overview of current available treatments.
  20. Treatments with Sunitinib and Regorafenib.
  21. Understanding KIT mutations.
  22. Activity of TKI’s against various mutations.
  23. Different procedures to remove single progressive lesions.
    Dr. Jon Trent (USA)
    He spoke about:
  24. Mutational analysis and treatment with various TKI’s for metastatic disease.
  25. TKI’s:
    (a) Imatinib
    (b) Sunitinib
    (c) Regorafenib
    (d) Ripretinib
    (e) Avapritinib
  26. Primary and resistant mutations should be determined to provide optimal therapy.
  27. Liquid biopsy- circulating tumor DNA is a non-invasive tool to detect mutations.
  28. Differential Sensitivity to TKI’s.
    Third Day- 12 th September-
    Dr. Ramesh Bulusu (UK) and Dr. Casey (UK)
    They spoke about:
  29. Wild type GIST.
  30. Understanding the sub-types in GIST.
  31. Treatment for various sub-types.
  32. Non KIT and non PDGFRA mutant GIST.
    Dr. Robin Jones (UK)
    He spoke about:
  33. Off-label drugs for treatment of GIST.
    (a) Melotinib
    (b) Nilotinib
    (c) Dasatinib

(d) Sorafenib
(e) Pasopenib
(f) Everolimus

  1. Immunotherapy.
  2. NTRK inhibition in GIST.
  3. Current and upcoming clinical trials.
    Dr. Gina D’Amato (USA)
    She spoke about:
  4. Importance of professional therapy and side-effect management.
  5. Getting the best out of treatment.
  6. Tips for coping with the side-effects:
    (a) Nausea/vomiting
    (b) Decreased appetite
    (c) Altered taste
    (d) Diarrhea
    (e) Constipation
    (f) Swelling/edema
    (g) Skin and Hair changes
    (h) Fatigue
  7. Influencing factors such as exercise, nutrition, complimentary therapies etc.

– Nandini Dabbir, FOM Hyderabad