My Aim is to beat CANCER

Myself, Mohammad Sahni age 35 Year, resident of Jodhpur (Rajasthan), have been a CML Patient for the last 15 Years.

I think I will have to live with this identity throughout my life. CML is a type of blood cancer although it might sound like an educational or professional qualification against my name. As soon as one hears the word “BLOOD CANCER” it creates an immediate feeling of fear and a painful end, but in my last fifteen years of living with CML I never let this feeling of fear dominate me. During this period I have been taking my treatment from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and during this treatment I came into contact with The Max Foundation in 2003. As soon as I got associated with this foundation I knew I was in the right hands as they provided me with “Gleevec” medicine through the GIPAP programme, which changed my life for good. Although, I would not like to narrate my entire experience from the last fifteen years in this report.

In Sept 2013 I received a call from The Max Foundation that they along with the support of Dr Hemant Malhotra, Jaipur are organising a patient support group meeting on WORLD CML DAY 22nd Sept 2013 in Jodhpur. Where we would have queries of patients and relatives being answered by the expert physician panel present there along with other interactive sessions. I attended this seminar which was the first in my last fifteen years and was pleasantly surprised to find a sense of belongingness and a common platform to share the pleasure and sorrows with other patients suffering from the same disease. It gave us all energy to fight against this disease as a group and become collective winners.

During this seminar the queries raised by patients and their relatives were handled very well by panel of Doctors, They also provided us with the latest updates and the research progress being made which will provide better medicines and treatment in coming future.

The main aim of the gathering was to create awareness about the PCR test. It was explained in detail what is the PCR test, why it is necessary and how it is useful. I was also surprised with all the information provided, as in the last fifteen years I had never heard about this PCR test and its importance. I vowed to myself that in future whenever I consult my doctor I will ask him What is my PCR ??

I wish that like me, all other patients would understand the importance of PCR and would take their PCR report seriously.

I would like to express my gratitude to Viji Amma who made me go through this experience and wish that these types of awareness campaigns continue in the future to create awareness among Cancer patients.

Before I conclude I would like to express my sincere respect towards the individual without whose efforts this gathering would not have been the success it was. She not only anchored the entire event but also acted as bridge to connect the patients and doctors during the seminar. Miss Ayeshah Dadachanji was the individual who ensured that the seminar achieved the success it aimed of creating awareness. I sincerely thank The Max Foundation for choosing Jodhpur and wish that they continue the good work in future as well on an ongoing basis.

“May Akele Hi Chala Tha Janibe-Manzil Magar
Log Sath Aate Gaye Aur Karwa Banta Gaya”


Mohammad Sahni, FOM Jodhpur