Mumbai Meeting Report by Sanjiv Kumar Jha

At the Support Group Meeting held on 3 June 2023, for CML & GIST patients at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, organized by The Max Foundation for Friends of Max, visiting City Chapter Leader from Patna, Sanjiv Kumar Jha, was interviewed and asked to share his views:

  1. Importance of Support Group Meetings for patients?

Support group meetings meetings play an important role in the lives of cancer patients. It provides a safe place where patients facing similar diagnosis can share what they are going through with each other. They can express their feelings, fears, and so do not feel so alone in their cancer journey. We are also able to make friendships through these gatherings. These friendships usually go beyond the patient support meetings, which help to provide the necessary comfort.

2. What are your feelings when you meet the FOM community?

I experience a strong sense of connection when I meet with the FOM community. It gives me a sense of belonging and support. We understand each other. It motivates and gives me the courage to face the diagnosis with positivity.

3. What are your thoughts on the interactive sessions organized at these Support Group Meetings?

Interactive sessions held at support group meetings are a valuable source of information about the latest cancer treatments, how to manage and deal with common side effects, and connecting with leading physicians. We patients, can exchange practical advice, discuss treatment options, and share other information without any hesitation. Sharing and learning from the experiences of others further helps us to make informed decisions.

4. Do you have any expectations from the future FOM Meeting?

My hope for the FOM community is that it gets bigger, better and stronger with each passing year.

5. What are your thoughts about the workshop on ‘Know Your CML App’ in Hindi for CML patients? Do you think this is beneficial to the CML community?

Yes, this app is very helpful for CML patients like us. Through this app, we can get positive solutions to the questions related to our life and our disease, as well as it helps us to adopt a positive lifestyle.