Mrs. Vasamvada Shukla

Mrs Shukla our dear DP and Prachi‘s beloved Mom has been on Glivec since 2002 and is being treated for GIST.  “Aunty”, as everyone lovingly calls her is an example of such a gracious demeanor she makes us all feel so special . Her presence in our meetings in Bombay adds that extra warmth and inspiration.

She was recently awarded “The Best Teacher Award” by the Government of Maharashtra. We are all so proud of her achievements. 

The following is a news article featuring Mrs. Vasamvada Shukla.

Marwari Vidyalaya High School creates history

Established in 1912, Marwari Vidyalaya High School at Opera House, Charni road, Mumbai, has created history.For the first time in 98 yrs since its establishment, a teacher from the school has been awarded “The Best Teacher Award” by the Government of Maharashtra. This award recognizes the exemplary contribution to education and teaching by the school’s principal and hindi teacher – Mrs. Vasamvada Shukla.

A B.Ed graduate from Bombay Teachers Training Colleg, 1984 batch, Mumbai University, Mrs. Shukla started her teaching career at Marwari Vidyalaya in the year 1986 as a hindi teacher. Her excellence in teaching and dedicated contribution to the administrative activities of the school led her to supersede 16 senior colleagues, and be appointed the Principal of the school in 1999. Her contribution in raising the standard of education, administrative excellence and contribution to the school’s infrastructure improvement, has been recognized and rewarded through this award. 

Speaking on the occasion the President of the Managing Committee of the School, Mr. Shankarlal Mittal said, ‘This is a proud and historic moment for the school. Mrs. Shukla has made us all proud and has raised the bar for all future Principals and teachers of the school. Her contribution in education and administration of the school is unparalleled and we are happy and honoured that the State Government has recognized our teacher and our school for this achievement. Marwari Vidyalaya has always strived to raise the quality of education for its students and we will continue to do so in the coming years. Mrs Shukla retires this year, but she has set the path for future principals for the school”

On receiving the award Mrs. Vasamvada Shukla said, ‘I am honoured by this award and want to thank the Government of Maharashtra, the Managing Committee of Marwari Vidyalaya High School, South Zone President Mrs. Suman Shinde and the staff and teachers of the school for making this possible. If it had not been for their support this achievement would not have been possible for me. It feels great to be recognized and rewarded and I hope that the flag of Marwari Vidyalaya continues to fly high.”