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Kerul.. What a hero! leukemia for 8 yrs & black belt thru it all. world cancer awareness month @943RadioOne @vijivenkatesh

Viji venkatesh. her persona is exactly like what people call her-`amma` she’s here talking cancer awareness.@943RadioOne

@vijivenkatesh “@kumarmonica: @HrishiKay GM D thank u for the cancer talk. lost my mom n a young sis to cancer. yes it is awareness n more”

@HrishiKay @943RadioOne @vijivenkatesh and i was complaining abt th bad brkfast in th mrng…inspired is an understatement. RESPECT.  

Just a few Tweets that were going around this morning as FOM Kerul and I were on the Good Morning Mumbai Talk Show telling millions of Mumbai listeners on their way to work about our Stomp Out Cancer campaign.

Radio One is the most popular FM Radio Station in the city and this particular show the most widely heard. The Radio is such a powerful medium of communication and no modern or so called further advanced communication medium can compete with it in terms of reach and power of impact.

One can continue to do what one does and still be a captive audience to the voice on air. So whether one is driving a bus or riding a train, driving through traffic or immersed in household chores, the all-pervasive voice on the airwaves connects!

Hrishikesh Kannan, or HrishiKay as he is known is one of the most popular hosts and my favorite talk show host on my favorite radio station. So when I told him about the upcoming Campaign and Max’s Birth Anniversary, he was eager to help us spread the message of cancer control.

So Kerul and I got to the radio station bright and early this morning and were on air for more than an hour, sharing with listeners in Mumbai our thoughts on Cancer Awareness, myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease, the need to be fit and practice healthy lifestyle habits, prevention and early detection, warning signs and the Indian scenario in cancer care. Kerul spoke about his own achievements in living with cancer for the last nine years and how he chose to be fit and happy, giving his body all the strength it needed to cope. He shared his efforts to overcome the stigma and fear of sharing his diagnosis with his close circle of friends and eventually his ten year old son and how now an immense weight is off his shoulders now that his son is his partner in coping with his cancer.













Viji Venkatesh