Love and Respect – the real Wealth

Shyamrao Waghmare, October 2007

I found out I am a patient of CML in May 2005. My family doctor diagnosed the disease.
Immediately I approached the honourable Dr. Mohan B. Agarwal, one of the most well-known Haematologist & Haemato-Oncologist in the world, who recommended to me a medicine called Glivec through the donation programme of Novartis and since that time I am regularly availing Glivec to get rid of the disease. Honourable Dr. Agarwal favoured me a lot in humane manner and that I got a new life for survival for which I will be always remembered him in my life.

Whenever I had been in the office of The Max Foundation, I specially observed that their members honourable Viji Venkatesh, Ayeshah Dadachanji, Sharon Gonsalves, Dr. Pallavi Mishra and Ashok Boricha respected me and giving every co-operation. I always feel that they are as my family members, who are ever ready to co-operate with me to save my valuable life. I appreciate very much their politeness and relationships with the patients, suffering from the dreaded disease like CML.

Novartis and The Max Foundation are both organisations as good as God saving life of patients like me. The feelings of all patients are beyond their expression. The patients like me have no words to express the above Fellows' dedication and encouragement as the patients get a tremendous will-power and fortitude in combating a dreaded disease. The Max Foundation is a pioneer and wonderful organisation in such a field that there is no doubt in saving human life.

The Max Foundation gives confidence, encouragement and strengthens the will power of the patients of CML. I am really proud of The Max Foundation and Novartis India Ltd. For providing Glivec, a wonderful life saving drug to most of the affected patients of CML. I and my family members are always thankful to The Max Foundation for favouring me to avail Glivec in saving my valuable life.