Life Raft Group Webcast Series: Dental Healthcare in GIST

Dr. Nikhil Guhagarkar was invited by ‘The Life Raft group’ from the USA to host a webcast on Dental healthcare in ‘Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumour’ or GIST.

Nikhil , as we all know is our spokesperson on GIST and an active patient advocate on various platforms.
He a GISTer and active GIST advocate. He is a City Chapter Leader for Friends of Max India, a Board Member of SPAEN, the author of a Friends of Max publication titled “A Guide to Nutrition and Holistic Way of Living with GIST” and participated as an expert in the LRG Webcast Series with “Nutrition and Healthy Living with GIST.”

To view the webcast please register with your name and email id on the following link

Congratulations Dr. Guhagarkar!