Life Raft Group launches new websites for GIST patients

The Life Raft Group USA, a GIST support group dedicated to finding a cure through research & patient support by focusing on three key areas: research, patient support & education, and advocacy, recently launched two new websites which all GIST patients are encouraged to register on.
This website deals with an interactive interphase for patients to register the side effects experienced from drugs and surgery. They can also interact with other patients seeking solutions to their problems and building a global support system.
This website deals with the patient registering and entering his/her data like
A. Diagnosis: test done, location of tumour
B. Evaluation: scans, biopsy done
C. Treatment: drugs and surgery details

By feeding this data the patient gets a global perspective on the demographics of GIST and contributes to the global data on GIST. This data will help doctors and researchers better understand GIST and its pattern for diagnosis and treatment.