Life is a Journey

Dipali Khot – Sangli, August 2007

I am Mrs. Deepali Khot from Sangli. I have been diagnosed with CML in January 2001.That time my daughter was two years old and my son was just two months old. I had suffered from fever, from which I was not recovering. Upon insistence from my Mother in law and under guidance of our family doctor we did the CBC. The WBC count was in the tune of lakhs. I was not aware of the disease up to about one week. But seeing the expressions of my family members, I had understood that something serious is there. Ultimately I accepted the fact.

It was a big shock for my husband and my two brothers in law. They had lost their father in 1997 due to Bladder cancer. At the same time my husband had suffered a huge loss in business. Both brothers in law were still studying and our business was at a stand still.

My treatment started at Miraj with Hydroxyurea. But it was limited. Afterwards I was shifted to Roferon (Interferon) injections. Our financial position was not strong enough to handle the expenses of Roferon.Then we got the injections from Mr. Sandeep Bhate, a leading pharma Distributor from Miraj.Truly he helped us a lot by procuring those injections all the way from Pune. Moreover he used to give the injections on credit.

The injections were very painful. Also I would get fever, giddiness, and pain in whole body, weakness, and headache. My mother in law was very caring and she was constantly on the search for some new treatment. She stood behind me like my own Mother. She contacted Dr.Sanjeev Khot, leading consultant Gynecologist & Infertility specialist, Mumbai. He came in my life like a GOD. He took us to Dr. M.B. Agarwal, a leading hematologist in Mumbai.

I still remember the day when I, my mother in law and my younger brother in law went to Mumbai and were given four treatment options. First was of Hydroxyurea, second, to continue Interferon Injections, third was of Bone Marrow Transplant and fourth was of Imatinib, Glivec. The only positive thing was Glivec. But hearing the cost, it was the most impossible thing for us. We were just left wondering about the four options. We just came back to Sangli blank and helpless. But my mother in law didn't give up. She was very determined and she continuously did a follow up with Dr.Khot. He gave us a hope about GIPAP program. And one day the approval Email came. That single letter just brought back the happiness back in my life. And more than me it was a letter of hope for my children and my in laws. Thanks to Dr.Khot, Dr.Agarwal, Novartis, Max Foundation.

Again when we went to Mumbai for collecting the letter and Glivec, we were anxious and afraid as to how we would be treated. But then we met Viji Madam and her colleagues. They are so helpful, cheering and compassionate. Inspite of such a busy schedule they take out time and greet and guide the patients in pleasant way. Further more they also guide the new comers about the whereabouts of Mumbai city. What more than this would a patient need.

With such people, such a foundation behind me, I never fear CML.
In November 2006, I lost my Mother in Law. Right now I am helping my younger brother in law in his Diabetic Showroom. Here I help the Diabetic patients to gain knowledge and confidence to fight Diabetes. Also I keep on collecting the write-ups for his Diabetes Magazine. Right now my daughter is in fourth and my son is in second standard. This is all possible due to the generosity of Novartis , Max Foundation and the people behind it.

For me and the patients like me GIPAP is as follows:
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