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Komal Surve

15th May: the day Amma and I share. Amma and I joined TMF on the same day, fortunately she did  years before me . Before this I have worked in two different construction companies.

After graduation I was searching for a job in my field i.e. related to Maths. My first job was at a construction company as a computer operator, then again I was recruited in another construction company. Unfortunately, after some months, the project of that company was completed and was being shifted to another site that was far away from my residence. So, I began searching for a new job when I came across TMF through a consultancy. My interview was taken by Ayeshah as Amma was out of town on that day. I was impressed over Ayeshah’s soft & loving nature and the way she was explaining or giving information about TMF. I loved the job. My expectation of job was I should learn more from that & Ayeshah  assured me that each day will be a learning day & to my surprise it is. I met Amma and was very happy to work with such a loving and graceful person who always keeps everyone happy with her smile. I am very happy to work with the team, whose top priority is always the patients’ wellbeing. It is said that ‘Service to mankind is a service to God’  and I am glad to say that each one of us is indirectly serving god. I am very thankful to Ayeshah, Amma and God for this job.

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