It was 15th December 2012, the morning in Kolkata was cool and clear and temperature was 13 degree. Kolkata babus in South Kolkata were making their rounds in their routine morning walk. The beautiful lake side was just warming up in a serene atmosphere. Bright sun rays came through the dense trees all along the lake side walk way.

Friends of Max assembled in front of the Safari Park. Everyone looked so bright and gay. Neel brought the Festoon and Banner, Naren brought the beautiful T-shirts, Navin had to make two trips to get the snack packets.

Professor (the most active young FOM) was busy with hand bills. Our beautiful ladies had a problem of wearing the white T-shirts as their total make up might get spoil. Madam Stuti, Poonam, Anshu
and Arpita (who joined for the first time) however looked good with the T – Shirt.

The awareness walk started at 8-30 a.m. Dhirenda and Tushar carried the Banner in front of the procession. There were about 70 participants. The professor was distributing the leaflets to the morning walkers. They looked to be enthusiastic and many of them praised our effort. Anshu was busy with talking photographs.

Sheshadri, Subir Sen with his son and daughter joined the procession.

Many people got interested and took leaflets from us. Young pairs who normally keep themselves busy with their own affair also came forward and collected the papers.

We made a complete round and it took 30 minutes.

At the end of the walk the food packets carrying hot Shamosas and Gulabjamuns were distributed.

The response among the morning walkers was good. It was indeed a successful STOMP OUT CANCER programme.

The message was- there is always an ANSWER TO CANCER

Rajat Mazumdar, FOM Kolkata