Indore FOM Meet

Day started with the registration of people, patients were given The Max Foundation wrist bands, note pads, pens,  ’What is my PCR ?’ Buttons and FAQ in Hindi and English, stating its importance.
Parallel to registration, people were enjoying delicious breakfast.

Post breakfast people moved inside the beautiful ICAI auditorium.

As per FOM culture event started with National Anthem and Lighting of the Lamp with the present dignitaries from the ICAI and NOA Physician Dr Rakesh Taran. Ayeshah shared the agenda of meeting and showcased a presentation on The Max Foundation and Friends of Max.

Soon after this session we had success stories shared on stage by patients and their caregivers, while some of us along with the physician and Viji spoke to the media present there. Garima, Salman and I shared our experiences to the newspaper and TV channels.

Viji and the doctors, Dr Rakesh Taran and Dr Manish Neema took the stage soon and explained details about CML, problems associated with CML, risks associated with CML, current treatment scenario, importance on PCR and its benefits.

A lot of queries from the audience were addressed by our distinguished panel, hopefully clearing a lot of doubts for everyone. People were very well benefitted with this session.

After this session, everyone had their lunch.

After this session small activity was carried out. For this session Viji and I went out in the pouring rain with thunder storms and lightning the previous evening to gather the stationary for this session.

At the meeting a brief explanation about the activity was given by Viji(Amma), she explained the intention of this activity and also the fun part associated with it. This Art Therapy Workshop is called the Colours of Hope, art therapy workshop. The group was divided in 4 sections according to the name card colour with 4 members as their leaders.

Each group had 5-6 big sheets on which people were asked to draw/paint/sketch. Each colour group had one subject or Idea of the art work they are going to make.

People created masterpieces which involved a good team work and open imagination.

And after this activity the event came to its end with Viji sharing details of the Friends of Max City Chapters and its trust.
This was the second event in Indore, and as last year with such an overwhelming response of crowd, each year there will be a meet in Indore as promised. Hope to see you soon in Indore 🙂

Harshad Purandare, FOM Indore