Impact of GLIVEC on my health

I was diagnosed with secondary metastatic liver disease in November 1999, while I had been admitted to and treated at Jaslok Hospital for acute jaundice, under Doctor Sh. Vijay Haribhakti. After twenty days in hospital and undergoing long and painful histopathology tests, I was released. The doctor had prescribed the daily intake of one Immumod tablet of 500mg.

I went back to Jamnagar, Gujarat to continue my service as a refinery field engineer where I dealt with the production of petrol, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene and LPG etc. When no medication was available to me I approached one ayurvedic physician and started ayurvedic treatment for my liver problem. Ayurvedic medicines responded well with me and I could lead a near normal life.


Then in June 2000, I faced a serious road accident by which I suffered multiple rt. leg fractures and underwent surgery. A metal rod was put into my femur bone. After spending one month in an orthopedic hospital, I took bed rest for three months. My ayurvedic medicines were discontinued but due to the pain, I had to take painkillers. Also the functioning of my liver became very weak. Again I suffered from jaundice and was hospitalized in Feb.2001. A C T scan and USG showed multiple tumours in my stomach and liver. I went to Doctor Sh. T.K Saikia, at Tata Hospital, who prescribed Gleevec in June 2001, which was not available in India at that time and had to be imported. It would have cost me more than 13 Lac Rupees if I went through different ministries and FDA. I became helpless and continued ayurvedic and naturopathy treatment to keep a check on the growing painful tumours inside me. Meanwhile, to earn my livelihood I had to travel a distance of 80 kms daily from my office site to my home.


After more than one year, on a lucky day in December 2002, I visited Dr. TK Saikia, who sent me to see Viji Madam. Then, last December, in 2002, my Gleevecs stock for 3 months was approved. On 1st February 2003 I got my medicines from Viji Madam, which will remain as a memorable day in my life.

Within a fortnight of taking Glivecs my internal tumours started vanishing as if touched by Aladdin’s magic. I praise God; thank Viji, Dr, Saikia, Max Foundation and M/s Novartis, who have helped me to live a new life.


Saikia Hitanand – Jamnagar,June 2005