Hyderabad GIST Meeting Report by Adisri Sharma

Meeting report of the recently concluded GIST meeting held at Continental Cancer Centre, Hyderabad on 30th July 2023 as part of the GIST Awareness Day. The meeting was attended by members of The Max Foundation and Friends of Max. Adisri Sharma, FOM City Chapter Leader from Hyderabad was asked to share her views:

GIST Meetings are very useful for patients coping with their diagnosis. Patients who are in a constant dilemma about their current health and about the future, live with a sense of fear. But meetings like this help them to clear their doubts and instill a sense of courage and hope. Not only is the meeting useful for the patients, but it is also helpful for their family members.

The group of attendees at the meeting, which included physicians, pathologists, surgeons of gastroenterology and oncology, were all leading experts in their field. The Max Foundation team participated in this event, which was held at the renowned Continental Hospital. We will always remain grateful to them for providing all the support to the needy cancer patients, in the form of medicines and emotional support, which helps to boost our confidence and face our diagnosis with courage and hope. 

The interactive session led by Dr P Jagannath and Dr Guru N Reddy during the meeting allowed the patients to share their experiences. Madam Viji Venkatesh touched us by highlighting her lifelong commitment to the foundation. The talks held by other doctors were equally informative and explained in detail about GIST and its management.

A big thank you to Dr. P Jagannath and the team at Continental Cancer Centre, The Max Foundation Team represented by Viji Venkatesh, Sudha Samineni and all my co-FOM City Chapter Leaders, Pramod Agrawal, Sailaja Kosuri, Krishna Agarwal, Pranay Ranjan and Samantha Reddy for making this possible. 

I look forward to many more such programs.