Hi everyone

Woke up this morning to the date 5th June which is still etched in the mind as the day of the BIG MEET ! Yes, the first ever Friends of Max All India Meet – We sure have come a long way and 5 years since have just concluded the 5th All India meet in Chennai !

A couple of images that stay still fresh and keen in my mind from June 5th are , one of Sriram and Vedamuthu packing the kit bags for the 5th June Meet and another of Param , Binu , Sriram and Ashok laughing at a shared joke at their Tee Shirt counter – something magical happened that day in Bombay for sure ..

The route from 5th June Bombay to 23rd May Chennai went through Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata collecting from everyone on the way invaluable experience , precious bonding and friendship and unimaginable levels of energy.

The call has gone out – Hello Hyderabad for the next gathering in 2011.
– V V, Mumbai.