God said – let there be light

And there was light.

Amma said – let there be Grand Meet
And there was the Meet, but…..
we know what it was
to make it happen !!

Amma, the greatest of the great architects and the Kolkata Group (banar sena) all fought
to the last point.

We are making a reference book that can be useful for the next Meets to come.

1st of February,2009.

It was almost dark in the morning at 5 AM.
Kolkata was yet to wake up for the day's
The "Stay" was cool and lazy.
The "New Heaven" ,where the Mumbai
group was staying got up for the day. Sujit – who
struggled hard upto 12 O'clock last night
was yet to get up.

Executive point – the shifted head quarter- was
bustling with activity in the darkness.

There was a faint golden lining on the
eastern horizon.
The temperature was cool and pleasent.
The water at the lake was dark , quiet and calm.

The tall pulm trees stood still in the darkness.
The birds all arround were chirping and singing.

The whole atmosphere was inviting , and took
the soul away to some other world. What came to the mind was –
Aaj mousam bada beiman hai
ho mousam,
bada beiman hai…. RM