Glivec – a blessing for me

Vasant B. Chaudhari – Mumbai, June 2005

I am suffering from CML since Janauary-1997.

Initially I started treatment under the supervision of Dr. Boman Dhabar at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. But now, I am under the care of Dr. PM Parikh at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. After initial tests and investigations such as blood profile, X-ray and Bone marrow cytogenetics, I was started on Cap. Hydrea 500mg. During the period of January-1997 to January-2004, the disease was kept under control with Hydrea.

February-2004 brought a new ray of hope in my life. This was the new Novartis discovery called Glivec. This new CML drug was donated by Novartis through their donation programme called Glivec International Glivec Assistance Program (GIPAP). I was enrolled into GIPAP through The Max Foundation and have since been a recipient of this new and innovative discovery the wonder drug Glivec.

Initially I experienced a lot of side-effects but soon they all stlled and this medication proved to be a blessing for me. My counts returned to normal and platelets were also maintained in the normal range. My Heamoglobin levels rose to within normal range after a very long time my complexion began glowing and I became fair and lovely. There was an improvement in other symptoms as well such as my tongue ulcers. My appetite showed a noticeable improvement and hence a weight gain was observed. The persistent feeling of weakness and exhaustion that was there was gone and I was feeling much better. Thus Glivec proved to be a boon for me.

My financial condition does not permit me to be able to purchase Glivec. It is here that the helping hand of GIPAP, Novartis, and The Max Foundation saved my life. They have been providing me Glivec absolutely free of cost and it is because of GIPAP that I am able to continue treatment with such a wonderful medicine. For this. My family and I will remain eternally grateful and indebted to Novartis and The Max Foundation. They are doing a great service to mankind. GIPAP has extended a helping hand to poor and deserving patients making it possible for them to access the best available treatment and thus saving their lives and of their families too. For this I'm sure that all patients and their families will remain ever thankful and indebted to them.

I would also like to add here that that the representatives of the Max Foundation Viji Venkatesh and her colleagues, Ayeshah and Dr. Pallavi are very compassionate in their interaction with the patients and their relatives. They listen very patiently and take time to explain each and every aspect of the program very thoroughly. They are very considerate in their approach and enthuse a lot of hope and optimism in one and all. They provide us with help and solutions for solving all our problems and give us all the guidance we need. In my opinion, The Max Foundation has chosen the perfect people to represent them in their service to mankind.