GIST Awareness Day

The Max Foundation and Friends of Max constantly strive to create awareness regarding cancer.

We now have another opportunity to do the same.

The 13th of July is celebrated as GIST (GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumor) Awareness Day (GAD)

We are celebrating the Gist Awareness Day with #ShowUsYourRare campaign to bring attention to and create awareness about GIST and provide those outside the GIST community a chance to learn and lend their support so that it will no longer be “rare”.



How can you be a part of it?

Identify something that you feel is rare or special for you, and take a selfie with it. Tell us why it is rare for you. If you do not wish to share a picture, simply write to us what you consider as rare, and why.

Send your picture/ text to us at OR OR through Whatsapp on 9833565479 by 11th July 2015.

We will share this picture with the world thru’ social media and thru’ the Life Raft Group that has launched this campaign.


Come let us join hands and celebrate GAD.