From doom to bloom

A Kannan Chennai 2010

A withering seed in the ground gives rise to a new life before its death and due to this reason it is  known to be mature in its characteristics. This seed breaks the earth above it with much persistence, thereby resulting in the genesis of a new bloom in the form of yet another beautiful flower. A flower thus born shines radiantly in all its splendour, combining its old resilience with its newly found verve, thereby broadening its perspective of the world and life forever. I want to thank The Max Foundation who inspired me to write my life’s script.

My name is A.Kannan. I reside in Chennai along with my family. I’m 30 years old. I’m a CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) i.e. blood cancer patient and have been on Glivec for the past 3 and a half years.

The Journey
Few years back, on 30th March, 2006 I was undergoing treatment for some injury in my body. A number of tests were taken and I was diagnosed with blood cancer on 2nd April, 2006. I was informed that the TC was 1, 30,000. All my family members were shocked, leaving me devastated. Later I managed to console myself. The doctors advised Bone marrow Transplant or Radio therapy along with some medication. But since this was expensive, I went to the Central Government of Health Service (CGHS). The doctor in CGHS redirected me to the Government General Hospital. After that, with the pain of the injury on 5th April 2006 I took treatment from the Government General Hospital for 2 weeks. The TC was 1, 80,000. The doctors prescribed a costly medicine (IMATINIB TAB). I returned to CGHS. The doctor suggested approaching Adyar Cancer Institue.Then on 20th April 2006, I was admitted to the Adyar Cancer Institue. The TC was 4, 00,000. I took Hydrea capsules daily. One fine day I received a call from The Max Foundation. Thereafter I went to The Novartis stockist , in Egmore and got a very expensive medicine free of cost which enabled me to start a new life. A candle that lights another never loses even a bit of its radiance in the process. Thanks to Glivec, the candle of my life, I’ve risen from the ashes like a phoenix, only to fly higher and higher with independence and freedom.

I dedicate this normal life that I lead today to The Novartis and The Max Foundation. Also I dedicate it to Viji Amma who has continuously guarded and taken care of the team.

Translated from Tamil by Nagendra , FOM Chennai